Gatsby meet Gangster

It was about 14 months ago when I was shooting a wedding that I discovered this little pub inside a Hotel.  Right away the place resonated with me.  "I have to shoot here!" I thought to myself right away.  After months of thinking about different concepts and ideas I constantly had this gangster theme that kept coming back.  So I started my planning process with the gangster idea.  As I got closer to getting a theme or creative together, the whole concept got a more 1930's inspired glamorous turn.  This is where Gatsby meet Gangster styled shoot came to be.  

My plan was to have a styled shoot with a full theme of creatives; 6-7 model, hmuas, assistant, etc.  Have a huge retro style party and do a shoot out of it. Ultimately I had people cancel at the last minute so the concept changed yet again.  All that to say I am quite happy with the end result.

Thanks You:  Big shoutout to my models, Amber Erlik and Utkarsh Singh, two real trouper and fantastic persons.  Nicolas Leclerc for assisting me.  Hotel V for allowing me to shoot in their hotel and Dominique Levesque Bridal Salon for the dresses.  hmua: Amber Erlik