Beach Photoshoot

I participated in a beach Photoshoot recently.  It wasn't my first time doing a sunset swimwear shoot, but this time I wanted to try something different.  I decided to use artificial light for most of my shot in complement to the sun to light my images.  The idea was to get more control over the light and produce beautiful images.  I believe the result speak for themselves, let me know what you think.

Models: Roxanne Ladouceur, Jade Jenna Pochopsky, Sam May, Shania Lawless, Kristen Weese, Samantha Strittmatter, Erica June, Jo Andie

Gatsby meet Gangster

It was about 14 months ago when I was shooting a wedding that I discovered this little pub inside a Hotel.  Right away the place resonated with me.  "I have to shoot here!" I thought to myself right away.  After months of thinking about different concepts and ideas I constantly had this gangster theme that kept coming back.  So I started my planning process with the gangster idea.  As I got closer to getting a theme or creative together, the whole concept got a more 1930's inspired glamorous turn.  This is where Gatsby meet Gangster styled shoot came to be.  

My plan was to have a styled shoot with a full theme of creatives; 6-7 model, hmuas, assistant, etc.  Have a huge retro style party and do a shoot out of it. Ultimately I had people cancel at the last minute so the concept changed yet again.  All that to say I am quite happy with the end result.

Thanks You:  Big shoutout to my models, Amber Erlik and Utkarsh Singh, two real trouper and fantastic persons.  Nicolas Leclerc for assisting me.  Hotel V for allowing me to shoot in their hotel and Dominique Levesque Bridal Salon for the dresses.  hmua: Amber Erlik

Défilé de mode Élégance pour Leucan

Samedi le 12 Novembre 2016, j'ai participé, avec 6 autre photographes ( Sylvain PerrierCatherine Perras PersoAlain BeaumierEric Bureau, Martin Mendizabal Gonzales et John Cosgrove), au Défilé de mode Élégance, en collaboration avec la boutique Dominique Levesque, pour amasser des fonds pour Leucan Outaouais. Leucan viens en aide aux enfants atteint d'un cancer ainsi qu'à leurs proches.

"Leucan s’engage depuis plus de 35 ans à soutenir les enfants atteints de cancer et leur famille. En plus d’appuyer la recherche clinique, l’Association offre à ses familles membres des services distinctifs et adaptés : accompagnement et soutien affectif , aide financière, service de référence, massothérapie, animation en salle de jeux en milieu hospitalier, activités sociorécréatives, sensibilisation scolaire, fin de vie et de suivi de deuil ainsi que le Centre d’information Leucan."

Ce fut une magnifique expérience et un réel plaisir de travailler avec tout les gens impliqués.  J'ai bien hâte de pouvoir répéter l'expérience l'année prochaine

Toutes les photos de la soirée sont disponible sur la page

Welcome to my page

Hello everyone and welcome to my page.  This is my first blog post and hopefully not the last.  As I am just getting started and putting my page together, post may be sparse at first, but I will work on getting you interesting stories and content.

Welcome again.  Do not hesitate to send me some feedback and comments